Why One Degree?


Our belief is that all businesses need that extra degree (of effort, strategy, training, motivation and LEADERSHIP to get it from good to great.


Whether the thoughts of having your own business are just a mere image in your mind or you own a successful one already and are wanting more, we have the tools and expertise to make those dreams a reality. It's not only desire that is needed. It's that extra focused effort. That one degree that catapults you to the success you deserve.


And best yet - we wish to COACH you and your team how to do it. 


That is our difference. Why just solve a problem for you if we can teach you and your team how to do it as well.


We all have heard the age old adage:


Give a man a fish and you feed him for one meal.

Teach him how to fish and he feeds himself for a lifetime.


We believe your success starts with you. We believe in long term value driven partnerships that mature with your growth. We will be your mentors at every step as your move to your goals.


Let us be the agent of change in your success. The ONE DEGREE that separates GOOD from GREAT.

Watch the video that has inspired us in building One Degree

Expose your management team to the best management thinking available.

Top 10 Services - How we improve the client's condition:


  1. Clarify company mission
  2. Define company values
  3. Improve brand integrity
  4. Improve quality of operations
  5. Improve company's reputation as "employer of choice"
  6. Increase moral
  7. Increase productivity
  8. Reduce turnover
  9. Improve "on-boarding" process
  10. Streamline recruiting process


  • Why: We believe when we improve our client's quality of life we succeed.


  • How: We partner with our clients to educate, empower and engage their team.


  • What: We build productive, engaged and empowered teams

A few of our satisfied clients...

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